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Fencing offers protection for property, but little else. Fencing enhancement products add beauty, security, weather resistance and more. Enhancements to your fence screen out the unwanted and keep in what's yours and improve your property's look and value.

Adding razor wire or razor ribbon to fencing can create a secure environment. Attaching fence covers or privacy windscreen will give a face-lift to an existing chain link and keep out unwanted attention. Construction fencing and windscreen are used in the building industry to shield sites from wind and weather and to prevent construction waste from harming passersby. Shade screen gives relief from the harshness of the sun and permits air circulation. Golf course windscreen can aid golfers by providing a windbreak, as well as helping players concentrate by screening out disturbances.

Virtually anyplace you use fence, you can enhance it to do a better job than it is doing now.

In correctional settings, sensitive industrial sites or military facilities, security fencing protects property. Razor wire offers additional peace of mind. It is constructed of a durable steel coil that is almost impossible to bend. In addition, barbs all along the wire have a piercing and gripping action. This product gives superior deterrence no matter what your setting.

Keeping private property private in today's world becomes more difficult with every passing year. Security means the less seen the better. Our screens provide peace of mind while adding a distinctive and colorful touch to your enclosure. These products are very low maintenance and offer a low cost alternative to solid format barriers.

In the building trades, screens and barriers are used to prevent weather from hampering project deadlines. The highly durable and flexible fabric of our products is designed to keep debris in and weather out. Simple installation and small investment in materials make keeping your valuable site secure a snap.

In backyards, animal enclosures and gardens it is important to protect people, animals and plants from the harsh effects of the sun. Shade cloth provides cool comfort as well as allowing the breezes to flow through any enclosure. The fabric attaches easily to any existing fencing and will not rot, mildew or allow fungus to grow.

Golf players need freedom from visual and auditory disruptions and protection from winds that may affect distance and direction of the ball. Our products provide a barrier to unwanted visual distractions and noise and reduce any gusts that may blow across the course.

Our screen fabric is reinforced with commercial grade four ply binding on all sides, and is fastened with a double stitch through rust free brass grommets. Our screens and covers are crafted of the finest quality fabrics and accessories, making them the best that money can buy. Their durability and longevity means that you get value for your investment. Their beauty enhances any structure they are installed on, and their effectiveness is without question.

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